The Business Dictionary defines Competency as “A cluster of related abilities, commitments, knowledge, and skills that enable a person (or an organisation) to act effectively in a job or situation”

Proficiency is defined as “Mastery of a specific behaviour or skill demonstrated by consistently superior performance, measured against established or popular standards”

It is towards this direction, that the ensuring approach has been Proposed. The methodology of ISO being inherently structured is hence adopted in the development of this Framework

While the Competencies are broadly divided into four categories based on the roles assigned and the Performance Expected from the Personnel, Five Levels of Proficiency are Proposed for each of the Competency, with respective levels described objectively. These Competencies and Proficiencies are in turn linked to the intent of Sustainable Growth. To develop the required Competency and move up the Proficiency, one has to master the requirements de- tailed in that level and demonstrate through the Assessments and On Job Performance

Learning Modules and Courses are developed to guide in developing these essential Competencies and Proficiency