About PeggingYouAhead

About PeggingYouAhead

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A formal education lays the foundation for an aspiring Student to orient herself or himself into the domain she or he wishes to Develop and Excel. An Organisation, on the other hand, sets its Vision and strives to deliver through its Core Business Processes like Sales and Operations. Both, the individual and the Organisation start on different paths to reach, however a common goal.  That goal is Growth, Sustainable Growth, which is in essence Continual Improvement. While the fundamental actions of formal education, setting a Vision & Mission, do support these aspirations to an extent, it is the incremental knowledge, gained along the way, that differentiates from an ordinary performer to a Star Performer - be it an Individual or an Organisation.

It is towards this effort was the birth of PeggingYouAhead, the Learning Portal of Quantum Leap Trainers and Consultants. 

The Business Dictionary defines Competency as “A cluster of related abilities, commitments, knowledge, and skills that enable a person (or an organisation) to perform effectively in a job or a situation”

Proficiency is defined as “Mastery of a specific behaviour or skill, demonstrated by a consistently superior performance, measured against established or popular standards”

The PeggingYouAhead Portal is well structured to suit your specific learning need. You will find Competency Frameworks that have relevant courses with in it for your job role. These Courses are Multi-Tiered with clear and demarcated  skill levels. While being complete in itself, they provide a platform for your next ascent. They are designed to improve your capability to Perform and Deliver. These Frameworks & the Proficiency Levels will guide you through a structured path of Continual Learning and Improvement

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